Bank of Kigali post of sale machine (POS)

It is a machine (point of sale machine) given to merchants to enable payment gateway for card holders

Merchants can be any trader but also any service provider, any liberal profession and in a general manner any professional selling goods or services likely to make use of the system (POS MACHINE).
Any card holder from any bank that has money on his/her account
  1. Fill merchant application forms
  2. Attach all the requirements
  3. Drop the form at Bk head office on customer care desk/ merchant acquiring office

For limited companies:

  1. Copies of Certificate of Incorporation.
  2. CArticles of Association.
  3. CMemorandum of Association.
  4. CMinutes of the meeting where the business owners agreed to install POS
  5. CCopies of PIN & VAT Certificates.
  6. CAudited Accounts for the at least one year
  7. CCopy of Notional ID passport for the business owner.

For Personal Business:

  1. opies of certificate of business registration.
  2. Partnership Deed (where applicable)
  3. Copies of PIN & VAT Certificates.
  4. Copy of Notional ID/passport for the business owner(s).
  5. Bank statement for the last one year
BK hot line 4455/ merchant acquiring team/move in to customer care desk for assistance