Loan made to cater everything you need in life

Consumer loan is designed to cater for a wide range of personal borrowing needs including: education fees, Furniture Loan, Travel/Holiday Loan, Consumer Durables (Fridges, Cookers, TV), Wedding Loan, Electronic Accessories (iPAD, Mobile phones, Laptops), Medical and Pension Loan.
  • No additional security is required
  • Credit scoring techniques applied
  • It is based on regular monthly income i.e. salary, rental, pension
  • Loans are of shorter duration than most other bank loans
  • Customer can use the monies for whatever purpose they wish.
  • Current Loan rate is down to 18%
  • 4/5 working days processing period
  • Payment period up to a maximum of 4 years
  • We apply one third of the net income to pay for loans.
  • The eligibility amount is 12 times the monthly pay.
  • The loan is repayable over a maximum period of 48 months (4 years).Some investment loans are approved repayable over 60 months.
  • The maximum amount loaned under this category is Rwf 15M though there are exceptions.
  • Above 18 years of age at the time of application and not older than 70 years at the time the facility matures
  • Earn a minimum monthly salary of FRW 20,000 assigned to your BK account
  • Maximum monthly payments not to exceed 75% of monthly basic salary
  • The duration of the loan is usually tied to the employment contract.
  • The amount is usually unsecured up to Rwf 5M but security may be requested for lower
  • amounts depending on purpose and borrower records.
  • Amounts above Rwf 5M are expected to be secured.
  • One can qualify for a top up loan after a minimum of three instalments and normal fees apply.

The requirements for individual customers for vehicle loans are:

  • Completed Loan Application Form
  • Pay slips for the last 3 months(1 current pay slip for top ups)
  • Copy of valid identification documents (National ID for citizens, Passport for non-citizen)
  • Marriage certificate/ Celibacy certificate/Divorce certificate
  • Proof of your contribution by 30%
  • For loan takeover from other Financial Institution
    1. Certificate of indebtedness or Loan Certficate
    2. Bank statement for the last 6 month
  • For married customers:
    1. Copy of spouse’s National ID/Passport
    2. Upon approval of the loan, the client and his/her spouse co-sign the loan agreement; unless the marriage is under separation of property regime.
  • Employment contract(probation period completed)/ Appointment Letter
  • Salary assignment/Employer certificate confirming the account to which the salary is paid.
    1. Provisional sale agreement
    2. Proforma invoice (vehicles manufactures 10 or less)
  • Valuation report + Photos
  • Copy of the land document
  • Visit report by the Relationship officer
  • For non-citizen:
    1. Valid passport
    2. Valid work permit/Visa for the tenor of the loan;Valid work permit/Visa for the tenor of the loan
    3. Employer guarantee (required when the loan is above FRw2.5million
    4. Having been with current employer for at least two (2) years
  • School fees loan : This is for parents/guardians who wish to finance the educational requirements of their young ones. It is also suitable for those employed who desire to pursue the education of their choice.
  • Travel/Holiday Loan : This loan is designed for those who wish to go on holiday either locally or abroad.
  • Wedding Loan : That day is a lifetime memory and it is worth financing it. If you are short of funds to make it exceptional, we are behind your back to make your day a success you wished.
  • Consumer Durables: This is a loan product of Bank of Kigali which enables you to purchase household materials such as Fridges, Cookers, TV, etc.
  • Medical Loan : This loan is for those seeking for specialized medical treatment usually out of the country.
  • Pension Loan : This loan is specifically for the retired citizens who get their monthly pension in most cases from Rwanda Social Security Board (RSSB).
We partner with other retailers and service providers for the mutual benefit for our customers which may include exclusive discounts. In some cases Bank of Kigali will have joint promotions for specific products or services.
Application Form
Offer Letter English Version
Kinyarwanda Loan Contract Form
French Loan Contract Form

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