Business Continuity Management System Policy

Summary of the business continuity management system policy

In line with its strategic objectives implementation, Bank of Kigali Plc has continuously implemented a strong BCMS to ensuring full resilience of its critical operations and services and increase the level of maturing to respond to any major disruptive incident

Bank of Kigali plc Board of directors and management are dedicated to ensuring the effectiveness of the BCMS by setting up a clear and strategic way of approaching the resumption of key products and services specified in its business impact analysis within an acceptable time, availing elements of the BCMS implementation supported with adequate resources in order to achieve all goals and objectives set accordingly as well as satisfy all identified requirements.

Arrangements related to business continuity shall be exercised and tested at least once a year using various methods in order to assess whether they can protect organizations' activities, continuous monitoring of nonconformities, false alarms, actual incidents, etc., and for raising preventive actions as required. Bank of Kigali will evaluate and review the performance and effectiveness of the BCMS through various criteria namely:

  • Whether the objectives set according to this Policy are fulfilled;
  • Effectiveness and adequacy of business continuity plans;
  • Whether disaster recover site and alternate sites are sufficiently equipped with the necessary equipment, IT solutions and data to maintain critical operations and services for a sufficient time period;
  • Adequate staff requirements and reallocation to the alternate site in the event of a major disruption;
  • The roles and responsibilities for maintaining and testing the service provider’s business continuity plan.

Bank of Kigali shall ensure that all its employees, suppliers and outsourcing partners who have a role in the BCMS are familiar with this policy as well as exhaustively complying to requirements of the statutory, regulatory, contractual, and other BCMS requirements.

This is a summary of the Bank of Kigali Plc BCMS Policy which is published on bank’s public website after the management review and approval.

Approved by:
Chief Executive Officer, Bank of Kigali Plc