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A fixed deposit account or term deposit is a type of savings Account which holds a specific amount of money for a specified duration i.e. 1 month, 2 months or longer at a pre- agreed interest rate with the bank. The account owner is not expected to make withdrawals during the duration of the contract until maturity (unless it is a call account) otherwise they could lose their interests. At the expiry or maturity of the contract period the customer can re-invest the money, increase or withdraw their funds inclusive of the interests.

Fixed Savings Highlights

  • Customers can choose to re-invest the funds
  • Account can be opened by Individual savers, Businesses, Churches and religious organisations, Limited companies, Associations, Schools, Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) and Institutional savers i.e. company pension funds.
  • In special cases large companies with large sums of monies will negotiate for special rates for such deposits. Interest is paid at the rate negotiated at the inception of the contract.
  • Amounts are drawn or refunded to the customer on maturity
  • The placing is for a fixed amount for a fixed duration at a predetermined and agreed interest rate.
  • If the customer is allowed to terminate the deposit after a short duration and without notice this is referred to as a call deposit account.
  • Funds can be used as security or collateral for borrowings.

Pricing & Features

Account Minimum amountFRW 30,000.00
Account Monthly FeeFree
1 months Interest rate3% p.a
3 months Interest rate4% p.a
6 months Interest rate6% p.a
9 months Interest rate7% p.a
12 months Interest rate8% p.a
Interest rates for amounts above Rwf 0.5 Billion are negotiable and staff should refer to the treasury department to confirm the applicable interest rates. The interest rates keep changing depending on the prevailing market conditions. Other fee and Charges may apply, for more information click here
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