Our Customer Service Charter.

The Bank of Kigali Customer Experience Charter outlines our commitments on the highest level of customer experience; it is for information purposes only and is not intended to, and does not create any legally binding rights or obligations.

All about our Service charter.

  • Bank of Kigali commits to continuously work towards improving the standards of our customer Experience and our bank’s relationship with you will be guided by the following key principles;
  • All our banking and non-banking products and services shall comply with relevant laws and regulations of the Republic of Rwanda, and in compliance with other national and international charters to which Rwanda is a signatory.
  • We will explain and help you understand the financial benefits of our products and services, how they work and the responsibilities involved, on your side in the most transparent way possible.
  • The Bank’s staff and anyone acting in on its behalf shall at all times act fairly and reasonably towards you in a manner consistent with our core values of Customer Focus, Integrity, Quality and Excellence as well as our internal guiding ‘BK Ten Commandments of Customer Service.’
  • The Bank shall establish a clear set of procedures to ensure that any dispute between us shall be resolved fairly and quickly.
  • The Bank shall not at any time, willingly discriminate its customers based on age, gender or any other yardstick and will make available products and services on the same terms for all customers unless otherwise.
  • The Bank will endeavor to treat all your personal information as private and confidential and ensure the safety and security of the usage of your information, in line with the laws of the Republic of Rwanda.
  • The Bank shall not at any time release your personal information to anyone unless otherwise authorized by you or required by law to do so.
  • The Bank shall not use your personal information for its marketing operations should you inform us that you object to the practice.

Bank of Kigali cooperates with other industry stakeholders guided by regulations and standards of the National Bank of Rwanda so that you enjoy secure and reliable banking and payment systems you can trust.

  • Bank of Kigali commits to always provide you with clear, relevant and timely information to help you make an informed decision about our products and services. Where applicable, a set of Terms and Conditions relating to each banking product or service will be made readily available to you with all the fees, charges, penalties and relevant interest rates, your liabilities and obligations in the use of a banking product or service highlighted.
  • We will inform you, through various channels (e.g. over the internet, by telephone, e-mail, text or at our branches) of available products and services; alternatively you can contact us for information or provide feedback through these channels

For products and service inquiries, concerns, suggestions and general feedback email us at bk@bk.rw or you can WhatsApp on 0788 319 112 while in any of our branches please drop a message in suggestion box or complete a complaint form.

At Bank Kigali, our Vision is to be the leading provider of the most innovative financial solutions while our mission is to be the leader in creating value for our stakeholders by providing the best financial services to businesses and individual customers, through motivated and professional staff. Our services are founded on the core values of Customer Focus, Integrity, Quality and Excellence.

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