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Our remortgage deals allow you to move your mortgage from another Bank to us, for a better deal. Or, if you are our client, remortgaging allows you to take out a new mortgage on a property you already own - either to replace your existing mortgage, or to borrow money against your property. The main reason that you might want to remortgage is to save money. And this can be big money. You can work with our mortgage experts to get the best deal on a remortgage.

  • Offers you room to re-deal especially when your current deal is about to end.
  • You can renegotiate for better interest rates, depending on the circumstances
  • Your home's value may have gone up and therefore eligible for much lower rates.
  • You might have a mortgage with another Bank and they won’t let you borrow extra money or the terms they’re offering aren’t very good. Our remortgage deals might be your bailout plan.
  • Applicants fill out a form at any of our branches in the country or our web portal
  • Return the filled form and other attachments to the branch for processing
  • Successful applicants are contacted to review offer letters and sign contracts
  • Unsuccessful applicants are contacted and given advise on other options
  • Application letter
  • Completed application form
  • Employment contract (probation duration completed)
  • Pay slips for the last 3 months
  • Employer certificate/Salary assignment
  • Valid Identification documents
  • Spouse ID copy if married
  • Marriage/celibacy/divorced certificates
  • Valuation report for the property
  • House valid documents and photos
  • Provisional of sale contract for outright house purchase
  • Loan certificate (if purchasing liability from another financial institution)
  • Bank statements for the last 6 months (if account held with another financial institution)

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