With Kira Kibondo, the future of your child/children is insured

This is an account for parents/guardians seeking to secure the financial future of their kids aged between 0 to 16. Parents provides valid identification documents and complete an application form for their children. Attach a passport size photo for the kid, mother and father

Kira Kibondo Highlights

  • Free of charge standing
  • You can open an account for each kid
  • Withdrawals are allowed once in one year
  • No powers of attorney
  • Bonus interest is paid when no withdrawals are made
  • Parents/guardians can deposit money on the account at any time

Pricing & Features

Interest paid quarterly8% pa
Account monthly chargesFree
Minimum deposit FRW 10,000.00 (or equivalent in foreign currency)
Other fee and Charges do apply, for more information click here
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