Our Diaspora Banking for you.

We are delighted to offer our diaspora customers a distinctive/personalized set of products and services designed primarily to meet the needs (personal and commercial) of Rwandans living abroad.
  • Personalized service through emails , telephone & sms as well as encouraged visits when ever they are in the country.
  • Product awareness like new savings a/c, term deposits, e-banking & transfers in/out.
  • Inquiries on loans especially mortgages.
  • Most recently salaries transfer inquiry from ICTR team & our peace keepers in Haiti, Sudan & west Africa.
  • Inquiries on investing in BK shares & brokerage services.
  • Continue to build relationships with embassies to reach Diaspora communities .
  • Increase awareness by continuing to take advantage of Rwanda day events and other activities that promote Diaspora.
  • Advertising –Continue to promote Diaspora a/c.
  • Promote a waiver of free incoming transfers.

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