BKquick, a fast loan and savings solution

BKquick enables BK customers to borrow from their bank and acquire the loan amount from their mobile phones instantly. The loan amount can go up to five hundred thousand Rwanda francs (Rwf 500,000) and is repayable in a period of your choice ranging from one to three months.

The savings are also performed from a mobile phone and the customer has a flexibility to set their most convenient savings plan.

For Loan

  • Less than 5 minutes processing period
  • Current Loan rate is down to 4%
  • No additional security is required
  • Payment period up to a maximum of 3 months
  • Credit scoring techniques applied
  • It is based on regular monthly income channeled through BK i.e. salary, rental, pension, business
  • Loans are of shorter duration
  • Customer can use the money for whatever purpose they wish.

For Saving

  • Auto saving from your mobile phone
  • Interest rate of 6.5% p.a
  • You can save money at your own convenience.
  • The more you save the more you earn.
  • Access to other Bank products
  • Transfer to your other accounts
  • No Withdrawals limitation
  • No account monthly charges
  • No minimum deposit
  • Simply dial *334# on your mobile phone, select BKquick and follow the prompts.

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