BK Diaspora Accounts

Current account is your running account for day to day use which can be opened in the currency of your choice and Your Savings account will enable you to make regular savings at your pace for purposes of future investments and usage.

Features & Benefits

  • Manage your finances whether in local or foreign currency.
  • No limit on withdrawals / deposits.
  • Automatic deposits and payments.
  • Access to International transfers.
  • Have acces to Online Banking services .


  • Notarized documentation done by your Embassy, Notary Public, current banker.
  • Minimum deposit FRw 10,000.
  • Valid Identification documents.

Features & Benefits

  • Gives you a chance to save for the future.
  • Secured income growth.
  • No charges on account.
  • Keeping your money liquid.
  • Can be used as security for borrowings.


  • Minimum balance of Rwf 50,000.
  • Limited withdrawals.
  • No monthly charges.
  • Valid Identification documents.

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