Before you travel

Be prepared with foreign cash for your next trip. Note that the rates quoted below are subject to change due to changing market conditions. Whilst every effort is made to ensure the information is accurate, you should confirm the latest situation with the Bank prior to making a decision.



Currency Code I want to
Receive International Money Transfer Transfer in Foreign Currency I have cash in foreign Currency I have cash in rwandan Currency
 American DollarUSD1015.9810481015.981050
 Livre sterlingGBF1219.73421285.42891214.73421290.4289
 Franc SuisseCHF1057.98561122.01291052.98561122.0129
 Canadian DollarCAD771.5478829.4589771.5478829.4589
 Kenyan ShillingKES8.25049.02588.25049.0258
 United Arab DirhamAED268.4236293.652100
 Ugandan ShillingUGS0.26080.285300
 Tanzanian ShillingTZS0.4230.462600
 Japanese YenJPY7.35228.043200

Rates are expressed as one(1) foreign currency value to Rwanda Francs (FRW) and are current as at 13:07:02/Kigali on 18/08/2022 and do not include any fees.

Note that these rates are indicative and subject to change depending on markets dynamics.

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