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Join hundreds of thousands of small, medium and large enterprises that have already trusted us to be their first-choice bank and count on us to be there for you, as a reliable financial partner. The BK Business Current Account offers you the stability of a traditional bank account as well as the flexibility of a wide range of our innovative self-service banking channels that give you convenient access to your business finances, anytime, anywhere.

Business Current Account Highlights

  • Join a community of successful businesses already working with us
  • Benefit from our five-decades’ experience of banking businesses
  • Exceptional client relations management
  • Strategic business and investment advisory services
  • Financing opportunities that facilitate your business growth
  • Open account requires an application letter accompanied by a resolution of the board
  • Open account require a company Registration Certificate Issued by RDB
  • Open account require Full information of company ownership and registration details
  • Open account require Specimen signatures of Account Signatories, passport photos and identification documents

Pricing & Features

Account opening minimum balance FRW 10,000.00 (or equivalent in foreign currency)
Monthly ledger fees FRW 2,000
Other fee and Charges may apply, for more information here
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