BK Digital Day Launch

Bank of Kigali, on Friday, September 30, 2022, celebrated its digitization journey through a cheerful event marked BK Digital Day. The event which took place at BK Arena also saw Bank of Kigali’s Digital Factory unveil upcoming digital products including BK Mobile App with new features, Internet Banking 2.0, and BK Digital Lending.

The new BK Mobile App allows users to manage their cards, schedule payments, set transactions limit, get statements as well as provide monthly insights. The BK Mobile App will also have an interesting feature that allows a user to onboard themselves and open a bank account with just a scan of their face and ID.

Dr. Diane KARUSISI the Chief Executive Officer of Bank of Kigali reckons the Bank has gone through a digital transformation journey that required a lot of heavy lifting and sacrifice.

‘’This is a journey that started 4 years ago, and we set a vision to give anyone, anywhere the best customer experience through digital. We started with a very tedious and comprehensive assessment of our capabilities and of our systems. A lot of weaknesses, vulnerabilities, and terrible architecture of our systems as well as skills gaps required intensive training on the job for us to bridge the gap. Today we are presenting great products built by great young people.’’

Dr. Karusisi also commended the Digital Factory for foreseeing the digitization of the bank’s products. She said: ‘’We have stars in the Digital Factory, this is a team that inspires me a lot and I am always amazed by the great people in the whole of Bank of Kigali who come to work every day with a sense of responsibility and purpose. We are not just any bank; we are the home bank and we have a responsibility in the critical journey our country has taken.’’