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Bank of Kigali Group Plc provided Rwf 4.4 million to subscribe 1,470 Kigali City residents for Mutuelle de Santé. Targeted beneficiaries are vulnerable residents from different suburbs of the city. The donation was unveiled on Saturday 28th December 2019 following a monthly community work in Kigarama village, Nyagahinga cell, Rusororo sector in which Bank of Kigali staff participated.

The community work was predominantly characterized by building terraces in the area on the land where residents will grow fruits.

Also present during the community work was the Deputy-Speaker of Chamber of Deputies, Edda Mukabagwiza, Kigali City and Gasabo district officials among others.

The community work was followed by a meeting bringing together residents and officials where BK team unveiled the surprise it had for vulnerable residents.

Bonaventure Ntabwoba, the Head of Branch Business at BK who led the delegation said that participating in the community work is part of the bank's culture of taking part in activities leading to the country’s development. He added that the donation is meant to help vulnerable residents’ access health care.

“We believe that subscribing vulnerable residents for Mutuelle de Santé is another form of community work. The Rwf 4.4 million to subscribe 1470 residents comes from BK staff contribution. Through its commitment to enhance the lives of Rwandans, Bank of Kigali has other existing initiatives like IKOFI product which aims at helping farmers to access loans among other banking services leading to financial inclusion," he said.

City of Kigali Vice Mayor for economic affairs, Mutoni Gatsinzi Nadine extolled Bank of Kigali for the support boosting the number of residents accessing medical services with Mutuelle de Santé.

“We would like to thank Bank of Kigali for the donation to subscribe residents for Mutuelle de Santé. This will increase the number of residents with medical insurance. The city of Kigali is lagging behind other districts in Mutuelle de Santé subscription. The onus is upon us to make more efforts to get medical insurance covering us during unforeseen incidences, she said.