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Bank of Kigali now offers more specialized financial services such as Custodial Services. Our Custodial and Investment Administration Services focus on efficiency and reliability.

  • Timely and accurate execution of investment instructions by our team of dedicated custody experts.
  • Safekeeping of physical documents of title for investments in Money Market instruments.
  • Comprehensive reports that include securities statements, settled and outstanding trade reports as well as advice on pre-entitlements of dividends, interest, bonus and rights issues.
  • Communication on market updates and available investment opportunities for timely decision making

  • Retirement Funds (Pension Funds)
  • Co-operatives
  • Unit Trusts
  • Insurance Companies
  • Investment Clubs
  • Foreign and Local Institutional Investors.

  • Safekeeping of scheme assets
  • Transaction processing and settlement
  • Processing registration of the assets title documents
  • Collection of income on the investments
  • Undertaking corporate actions
  • Reporting
  • Execution of both local and offshore trade settlements.
  • Facilitating foreign exchange transactions
  • Proxy voting
  • Tax claims and exemption facilitation
  • Market updates
Our dedicated relationship management team supported by a robust technology infrastructure ensures that our clients get efficient and reliable custodial services. We retain a keen attention to skills development of our team through both internal and professional industry training. Our team comprises of professionals from the banking and investment sectors.

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