Internet Banking

Bank of Kigali’s new Internet Banking is an electronic payment system that enables customers of the bank to conduct a range of financial transactions through their devices anywhere/anytime. We have recently upgraded the platform with additional features and advantages to our customers.
  1. It was entirely built in-house, thus provides us with an opportunity to add more features on demand and timely fix customer complaints
  2. It provides enhanced security features such as the Time based One Time Password (TOTP)
  3. It has an intuitively designed interface that provides a better customer experience
  4. It has the ability to execute flexible and complex mandates
  5. Ability to perform new transactions like buying foreign currency and doing bulk payments

The service can be used by corporate customers, individual customers and those who have a joint account with Bank of Kigali.

  1. Checking Account balances
  2. Review of bank account statements for reconciling
  3. Downloading and printing of bank statements
  4. Paying taxes
  5. Utility services
  6. Funds transfers
  7. Authorizing transactions
  8. Beneficiary management
  9. IREMBO payments
  10. Bulk payments.
  1. Easy-to-use
  2. Paperless transactions and account statements available
  3. Bank securely 365 days a year
  4. View account balance and transaction information
  5. Internet Banking access and transaction approval as per organization signing mandates
  6. Pay bills online to anyone, anywhere.
  7. Move funds easily between your bank accounts
  8. Receive Account alerts by email or mobile phone
  9. Apply for Bank of Kigali products and services
  10. Customer Service Advisers are available for non-routine transactions

There is no software required to access BK Internet Banking service. All you need is an electronic device (eg: computer, tablet, telephone) and internet connection.

BK customers can set their transaction limits based on their preferences. All transaction above bank limits are overridden by a BK staff after confirmation from the account holder

There is no cost to be registered to the BK Internet Banking service. Transactions done on are charged as per the BK Tariff which you can view here You will pay for the internet connection with your internet service provider.

When you want to perform a transaction and your internet access is unavailable, send your payment instruction to the bank signed with the correct authorization and we will process the transaction on your behalf.

While BK Internet Banking is a complimentary service, it will be canceled if there has been no activity for a period of six (6) consecutive months. If canceled, you would need to re-register for the service. You would be notified prior to such a change to your service.

Yes. Bank of Kigali Internet Banking uses two factor authentication with tokens, data encryption using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) 128 bit, https secure connection, authorized access as per the organization policy and internal controls, service allocation as per organization request and transaction approval as per the signing mandate.

TOTP stands for “Time-Based One-Time Password.” It's a method used in 2-factor authentication. With this method, while enabling 2-factor authentication, the user is asked to scan a QR image or enter a secret key into a specific mobile application (Authenticator App). That application then continuously generates a One Time Password that the user can then use to complete authentication.

Follow the steps below:
  1. Download and Install Microsoft Authenticator App
  2. Log to your BK Internet Banking account online
  3. Choose “My Profile”
  4. Enable TOTP
  5. Read instructions and confirm
  6. Obtain secret Key on BK Internet Banking portal
  7. . If using QR: Scan QR Code

    . If using Plain Text Key: Type Secret Key manually

  8. Register Internet Banking user account in Microsoft Authenticator App
  9. Verify first the code generated

If you forget your Internet Banking Password, you can create a new one right online. In the "Enter your Password" section, click the link stating "Reset Password? “In order for us to verify your identity so that you can create a new Password, you will need to provide the answer the Security Question along with entering a Security Code. Your answers would be to the Security Questions that you created when you first registered for BK Internet Banking. OR contact the bank for them to reset your password.

Sending and receiving information through BK Internet Banking is more reliable than ever. Encryption helps keep information private (such as your Password or the transactions you perform) between the bank's system and your Internet browser

You can change your Password anytime within the "My Profile" section of Online Banking. The "My Profile" link is located at the top right of the BK Internet Banking page.

BK Internet Banking offers you the current information available for your account. Most account information will show immediately as transactions are processed throughout the day.

Yes. You can make transfers to other banks in Rwanda. Soon, international funds transfers will be allowed on the platform.

Your Internet Banking transactions payment approval follows your defined signing mandate. Our system is able to adhere to your organization’s signing mandate as defined by yourselves.

Yes. Your Internet Banking transactions are processed in real time. There is no delay.

Report will be available for six (6) months from the day of transaction after which data will be archived.