FAQs account opening

Card services will be available throughout the system upgrade period. All card owners will be able to perform transactions at any ATMs, POS merchant outlets and at online ecommerce shops anytime and anywhere. This will include Irembo payments using cards.

You can apply at your nearest BK Branch or https://bk.rw/ for a checking account and savings account.

VISA and Mastercard branded debit, credit and prepaid cards.

No, all BK-cards (debit, prepaid, credit) will continue to work throughout the system upgrade period.

Yes, you will be able to retrieve cash from your account by using your BK card on any ATM.

Yes. All cardholders with active cards will continue to use and enjoy card services throughout the period.

All BK ATMs and POS machines will be operational and accessible for all local and international payment cards.

Sales using BK-POS will be settled to merchant accounts after the system upgrade.

During the system upgrade, you will be able to use your card to perform transactions at any ATM, POS or ecommerce merchants. 70% of your balance will be available during the system upgrade.

No, cards will not be issued while the system upgrade is ongoing.

However, you are encouraged to visit any of our branches to perform any of the following card application services before the migration weekend 15-17 oct 2021:

• replace your existing damaged/ expired / lost card

• apply for a new card

The debit and prepaid are issued instantly and will be used to access banking services during and after the system upgrade exercise.

You will not be able to top-up your credit or prepaid card during the system upgrade. All customers are encouraged to top-up their BK-credit and prepaid cards before the upgrade weekend.

You will continue to enjoy the current limits per day for POS, ecommerce and ATM transactions. However, if you require your limit to be increased, you may contact us through email or call.