This is a form of banking where banks vet, approve and contract other business outlets to offer certain banking services mostly in remote locations on their behalf.

BK Yacu is an Agent (branchless) banking solution that enables BK customers to carry out their banking at their nearest BK Yacu agent without necessarily travelling long distances or queuing for several hours for the service at a conventional bank branch/ATM
The main services available are:
  1. Deposit Cash
  2. Withdraw Cash
  3. Send Money (person to person) to anyone in Rwanda
  4. Application for account opening
  5. Top-up airtime for others or self
  6. Pay Bills (Electricity, Star Times etc.)
  7. Pay Merchant (for goods/services)
  1. Customer goes to a BK Yacu agent
  2. Customer request to make a transaction and hands in their ID Card to the agent operator who verifies the details
  3. The client dials *334# on their mobile to access BK Yacu application then selects withdraw then enter the amount and PIN and show the message to the agent
  4. The agent enters the client's PAN and pass code into their phone application and both receive SMS notifications.
  5. Then the agent pays out the client
  6. The client signs an agent receipt book and collects their cash, receipt copy and their ID
  1. Western Union
  2. MoneyGram
  3. Xpress Money
Western Union allows customers to send and receive money in minutes.
  1. Banks
  2. Post offices
  3. Exchange offices
  4. Travel agencies and others
  1. A valid identification document (passport, driving license, or national ID)
  2. Destination country and specify the amount of money you to send
After the money transfer is sent the bank operator informs the sender on the Money Transfer Control Number-MTCN, the sender must inform the receiver about the MTCN as it's required for collecting money. MTCN is required in Rwanda
  1. Second leading international payment Service Company.
  2. secure way to send and receive money
  1. Step 1: find a MoneyGram agent
  2. Step2: visit your MoneyGram agent with your ID
  3. Step3: complete a SEND form and hand it to a MoneyGram agent along with the money
  4. Step4: You will be given a reference number
  5. Step5: give the reference number to the agent
  1. Step 1: Ask for the reference number
  2. Step2: Visit a MoneyGram agent
  3. Step3: Complete our simple 'receive' form and show your identification
Xpress Money is one of the largest money transfer services in the world.
  1. Step 1: Visit any Xpress Money send agent
  2. Step2: Fill out and send money form
  3. Step3: Give the beneficiary the unique 16-digit XPIN number
  1. Step1: Visit the receive agent
  2. Step2: Official photo ID
  3. Step3: Present 16 XPIN number
  1. Cash to Cash
  2. Cash to Account
  3. Door Service
  4. Mobile Money Transfers
  5. Online Money Transfer
  6. Cash to card
**Certain services are offered only in select countries
MobiBank is a special BK van based in each province that provides banking services by daily moving to various towns, trading centers and so forth to offer population different BK product services. It's an extension of Bank of Kigali's sales channel to reach out the underserved and unreachable markets
  1. MTN Mobile Money
  2. Airtel Money
  3. Tigo Cash