BK Quick is Bank of Kigali’s very own mobile loans and savings solution. This product allows Bank of Kigali clients & staff to save as borrow money conveniently from their mobile phones, anytime, anywhere. It is fast, efficient and accessible to every BK client that owns a mobile phone.

  1. Firstly, ensure that the number you’re using is registered on BK MobiServe.
  2. Then simply dial *334*
  3. On the MobiServe Menu select “10- BK Quick”
  4. Follow the prompts to accept Terms and Condi- tions
  1. No minimum balance required.
  2. No ledger charges levied on the account
  3. No charges for moving money from your BK Account to BK Quick account and vice versa.
  4. Interest on Savings is accrued daily and paid quarterly (every 3 months after account is activated) BK Quick Savings
  1. Minimum is RWF 100
  2. Customers can save any amount, depending on their KYC status. BK Quick Loans
  1. Access to a loan of up to RWF 1,000,000
  2. Loan repayment period options are either 1, 3, 6, 9 or 12 months
  3. One time amortized loan interest P.A
  4. BK Customer allowed to roll-over debt at 2% per month.
  5. Loan is deposited directly to the customers BK account
The BK MobiServe customer receives the entire loan requested amount. For example: If a request is placed for a loan of RWF 10,000, the customer will receive 10,000 and will be required to pay back the principal borrowed + the interest incurred in repayment period.
  1. Minimum amount is RWF 1,000
  2. Maximum amount is RWF 1,000,000 but is subject to customer credit limit (Your initial credit limit is com- puted based on your utilization of existing BK lending products, current account activity, utilization of your mobile provider voice, mobile money and data services etc., among other parameters)
The loan is payable within 1M; 3M; 6M; 9M; & 12M. However, you can repay the loan before the due date and borrow again. If you pay the loan before repayment period you increase chances to grow your BK Quick loan limit.
No. You have to repay your outstanding loan first before you take another loan. 10. What happens if you pay back more than the loan that you took? The transaction shall be rejected.
No. However, an accrued interest for the period within which the loan is paid shall be charged. Early repayment will increase your future loan limit qualification.
No. There is no facility fee for BK MobiServe customers.