Bank of Kigali mobile services (BK Mobile)

BK Mobile is a Mobile Banking service that provides you a safe and convenient way to do your banking using your mobile telephone. With Mobile Banking, you can monitor all your bank accounts in real time, view your account balances, get mini statement, transfer funds, pay bills, buy utilities, request checkbook, view exchange rates, get SMS and email notifications about any movement on your account and more.

You only need to have a bank account with Bank of Kigali and a mobile telephone. If you already have SMS Banking, you will use the same telephone number and same secret PIN on BK Mobile. If you didn’t have SMS Banking, you can register to BK Mobile at any branch of Bank of Kigali.
If your mobile phone has Internet connectivity, apply for BK Mobile application from BK website or dial *334# to access the menu.
With BK Mobile, you can access the following bank services on all your bank accounts:
  1. View your account balance
  2. Request mini statement
  3. Transfer funds
  4. Request Checkbook
  5. Buy electricity (EWSA)
  6. Top-Up airtime (MTN, TIGO)
  7. Pay TV (DSTV and Star Times)
  8. Pay for goods and services using mPay
  9. Withdraw cash and send money though BK Yacu outlets
  10. View foreign currency exchange rates
  11. Manage account movement notifications (SMS and Email)
Go directly go to the nearest Branch for application :
  1. Go to your applications installations directory on your handset
  2. Open the BK BK Mobile application
  3. Select your preferred language
  4. Enter your telephone number and password
  5. Login
  1. View the account balance
  2. To get mini statements
  3. Transfer Funds
  4. Pay for goods and services using mPay
  5. Withdraw cash at BK Yacu outlets
  6. Send money to non-registered people
  7. Request a checkbook
  8. Foreign Currency exchange rates
  9. Buy electricity
  10. Buying MTN airtime
  11. SMS notifications about your account movements
  12. To know more about BK and its products
  1. Select the menu > account information > mini statement
  2. Select your bank account
  3. You get mini statement details
  1. Select menu > Funds transfer
  2. Select your bank account
  3. Enter the beneficiary account in full format (example: 0004012345)
  4. Enter the amount
  5. Enter the comment
  6. Enter your password to confirm
  7. Then you get the details about your transfer
  1. You will receive a PayCode from the merchant
  2. Dial *334*0*PayCode# or select menu > mPay and send the PayCode
  3. Verify the payment details: Merchant name and payment amount
  4. Enter your PIN to confirm the payment
  5. After the confirmation and then you will receive a printed receipt from the merchant
  1. To withdraw cash from a BK Yacu outlet, Select Menu > BK Yacu > Cash withdrawal
  2. Then input the amount you to withdraw
  3. Select your bank account
  4. Then enter your password and confirm
  5. After confirmation, you will receive a one time PIN and a Password
  1. Browse Menu > Bank services > Request checkbook > Request checkbook
  2. Select the bank branch where you will collect the checkbook
  3. Select the bank account
  4. Enter your password and submit
  1. Browse Menu > Prepaid services > electricity > buy electricity now
  2. Enter your password and submit
  1. Browse Menu > Prepaid services > Buy electricity
  2. Enter the electricity meter number
  3. Type the amount
  4. Select the account to be debited
  5. Enter the password and submit
  1. Browse Menu > Options > Email alerts
  2. Tick all your accounts you want to receive the email alerts
  3. Enter your password and submit
Service fees are small fixed charges on every transaction. Below are the current service fees:
  1. View your account balance: 50frw
  2. Request mini statement: 50frw
  3. Transfer funds: 300frw
  4. Request checkbook: 50frw
  5. Top-Up airtime (MTN, TIGO): 50frw
  6. View foreign currency exchange rates: 50frw
  7. Receive account movement notification (SMS and Email): 50frw
  8. Withdraw money from BK Yacu outlets

The following is the table of fees charged when using BK Yacu to withdraw cash. Fees are charges depending on the withdraw amount.





























  1. Go to the nearest branch and ask to reset your password.
  2. The branch agent will verify your account by checking your details in the bank and will help you reset the new password
  1. Call the bank's customer care on 4455 to disable any access to BK Mobile
  2. Proceed with the SIM swap procedure on your mobile operator
  3. Go to the bank's branch and ask for reactivation and then reset your password