Partnership with Operation Smile

In 2013, the Bank signed a 3 year MOU with Operation Smile, a Non-profit Organization that provides free cleft palate surgery to children around the world.

Bank of Kigali will continue to support Operation smile in its efforts to train cleft teams in Rwanda that will eventually be able to take over the care of all new cleft patients in Rwanda. With this goal in mind, Operations Smile continued its training of the five medical professionals from Ruhengeri Hospital who received training on surgical techniques, administration of anaesthesia, and speech therapy.



The Bank supports Operation Smile, the International children's medical charity to carry out cleft palate surgery on Rwandan children born with cleft lips and cleft palates. This surgery changes a child‘s life forever. Bank of Kigali committed USD 30,000 for the next three years to be utilized for the surgical procedure. Since the establishment of Operation Smile in Rwanda in 2009, over 1000 patients have had successful cleft surgeries


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