A fixed deposit account or term deposit is a type of a saving in which the account holds a specific amount of money for a duration of up to one year renewable at a pre agreed interest rate with the bank. The account owner is not expected to make drawings during the duration of the contract until maturity date otherwise they could lose their interest. At the expiry or maturity of the contract the customer can re-invest the monies, increase and re-invest or draw their funds inclusive of the interest.


Features & Benefits

  • Preferential interest rates depending on duration and amount.
  • Maturity duration of as few as 7 days to a year or more.
  • No application fees.
  • The fixed deposit can be used as collateral for a loan


  •  Minimum amount for fixed deposit Rwf 50,000.
  • Notarized documentation done by your Embassy, Notary Public, current banker.

Equity Price List

BOK 295 295 295
BRL 145 145 145
NMG 1200 --- ---
KCB 340 --- ---
USL 104 --- ---
EQTY 350 --- ---
CTL 60 60 60

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Exchange Rates

23-02-2018  BUYING  SELLING
USD 855.0000 866.7000


GBP 1165.0000 1225.0000

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